River + Fir

Food, food, everywhere!

Running has been kicking my rear, literally. Standing up is comical. But at least I’m not injured and I have a plan for the 10k that is coming up. (Fun note – my job had a food drive and raffle for a free registration and I won! I never win! So fun!) And I have been starving – starving – anything protein – literally, crack open a can of tuna and hand it to me… Not quite the fun food game that I love, but it’s what’s happening for my body right now. Today, I’m not feeling quite that crazy – like I may be able to eat at normal meal times.

Today, is a day off from running. Today started off a grey, high cloud day. I wore a sweater to walk the dogs. We had joked that the sunny day was our summer. It may not have been a joke. The seasons are changing – some of my favorite times of year. This spring and summer have been seasons of new things, new beginnings, of learning. A time of change. I’m beginning to feel the ground coming back up underneath me – and I mean this in a good way – the new normal – the new way of life. Feeling grounded again and secure. Feeling able to make plans and goals and start acting. It’s liberating. There’s a security in it that I’ve been missing, that others have been noticing. That I’m glad I’ve stumbled back into.

The clouds are burning off. The river is filling with fishing boats. The blue sky is winning. The little time I spent in the garden today, collecting our little harvest. Lovely. Watching the ladies bustling. Smelling the herbs. Fighting spider webs.

Food! Yay! I love cooking. And since the Gentleman has joined the household, we go through food so much faster than I did has a single person – and he’s willing to try new things. Food is fun again. Lovely, beautiful food. Beautiful company.

Last weekend, we made fried fresh sardines. I made homemade ginger syrup (for ginger ale) which may be the best friend to limoncello. Ever. The candied ginger was a wonderful byproduct. There was also ginger ice cream, spicy date spread, hummus, feta. Gorgeous things. Gorgeous food. Wonderful company.

Today, coffee and hummus and date spread for breakfast, while I review some notes from my doctor. Making plans. Making changes. Eating good food.

Today I’ve been playing with fruit… Lovely little things. Roasted italian plums. A simple take on a peach crisp, with an extra little surprise that I won’t tell you about now – it’s for the Gentleman, and he actually reads what I write – but I’m thinking the crisp with the ginger ice cream can’t be a bad idea.

The Gentleman made barbequed chicken last night (he also cleaned the kitchen, which is beautiful!) – cannot wait to have chicken and parmesan celery salad for dinner tonight. Let’s be honest, lunch will probably be peach crisp. Maybe ricotta and roasted plums. Maybe cherry tomatoes. Oh, options!

Oh, yeah, I have to go to work… This lovely day is slipping by and soon it will be back to the grind. But until then, I’m going to enjoy the blue sky, the late summer light. Going to watch the dogs nap. Watch Lewis run his house in his sneaky little way. Beautiful day surrounded by lovely food. Maybe some knitting or reading.

Wherever you are, have a gorgeous day! May it be filled with love, light, sweet critters and beautiful food!

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