River + Fir

… and then we roast a chicken …

Phew. Errands are done. Groceries aren’t put away yet but that will come. I really need to clean off the table – what a novel idea – to have a cleared off table. Real life. I cannot stand visiting people with immaculate tables – they are not trustworthy – unless of course, you go to sit down and find every chair covered in what obviously had been on the table – totally trustworthy again.

Been kind of a productive but very weird day.

The bleach bottle I bought, leaked in my car. Thankfully it was on the dog blanket on the dog pad. Good news – car smells clean and the dog blanket is getting washed, but pretty much annoyed with that bleach bottle.

The chickens are smarter than me. We got them new hanging feeders – one set seems to want to poo in it and the other set stripped the washer that holds the feeder together. I cannot win. They are going through so much feed. Kind of annoyed.

The dogs are passed out. We ran into Grandpa on our morning walk. Gilbert recognized him from a long ways away and started whining, but Savannah remained completely calm until the last possible second and then started spinning circles – so sweet.

My house is crazy. Need to wash dishes. Clean the bathroom. Vacuuming should probably happen too. (Not even mentioning mopping or dusting, ’cause that’s crazy talk and completely unrealistic.) What are Saturdays for other than to catch up on the week’s crazy and attempt to make next week not so much?

Note: attempt.

Tomorrow is the Columbia Crossing. Love the acronym: CX’12.

Tonight I roast my first chicken. I know – how can this be my first roast chicken? It is. As a single person, it was easier to buy a chicken breast or two. That and I have a thing about chicken on the bone. It’s a thing. I’ve come to realize it’s just the way it is: I don’t like to deal with the chicken carcass. Thankfully, the Gentleman has come along and he can handle the whole carcass thing. Which means, I’m roasting my first chicken. And I’m going to stuff it. I make a mean stuffing – it just usually isn’t stuffed into anything besides a baking dish, at best a squash, so fingers crossed.

There’s some other fun stuff going to happen. Homemade ketchup. Fresh fig cake. Roasting butternut squash for soup. Soon a ham apple quiche. I have some plums that need to become something – a gallette, perhaps, maybe a crisp.

I also got a new nail polish color. Violet Vixen. Come on. I misread it the first time, but it definitely says violet. Maybe I can have cute feet for the Gentleman as well as a roast chicken. I may just be going to the store and buying a rotisserie chicken. We’ll see what happens. It’s good to have options. It’s good to have girlie feet – apparently beige nail polish and my toes are not the way to go. I was in denial. I’m working on it.

Cheers, everyone! To a beautiful fall day! To trying something new! To cluttered tabletops and comfortable chairs! To family and friends! To keeping the crazy to a minimum! To clean carpets! To a good glass of wine! To having the house smell like roasted chicken!

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One thought on “… and then we roast a chicken …

  1. So cute about the dogs! My youngest son had the chicken bone thing, too–if he saw it on the bone, even if you took it off for him, he would not eat it. I think he has finally–in his late 20’s and a big foodie–gotten past it. Word about the carcass thing: get it off the bone using your fingers, when you are all done. SO much easier! And a battery thermometer is my best friend, when it comes to roasting!

    I’m coming over for that fig cake!!

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