River + Fir

CX’12! (a.k.a. plans change)

Gorgeous sunrise, sitting on a school bus, my knees tucked up because of the wheel well, next to my Gentleman.

Sunshine. Clean, clear, warm.

Honey buckets. Lines of ’em.

Amazing river.

A bridge my Grandfather worked on throughout his career. Some how a tribute.

Packed in. Lots of bodies moving at a very similar pace. Plans, regrouped, again, tried and passed by. Walking for 6.2 miles.

No regrets.

Holding hands. Laughing. Pictures. Together.

Plan. Dream. Work. Train. Regroup. Excuses. Attempts. In the end, finishing is still an amazing feeling and an amazing accomplishment. Red faced lady, right here. And my fingers swelled – awesome.

Some sore muscles, some increased desire for pasta, but lots of beautiful memories. My second 10k walked. My first with the Gentleman. Another in a line of many experiences, shared. Many more to come.

Good job, Gentleman! Thanks for playing along! And what a great idea to hit up the Indian buffet afterwards!

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One thought on “CX’12! (a.k.a. plans change)

  1. That was a beautiful day begininng to end!

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