River + Fir

Cozy, rainy day with a side of stew

So today is a cozy, clean out the fridge, make food for the week, find the vacuum cleaner, knit some things (especially a particularly fluffy pink scarf that needs to be ready for the holidays).

The chickens are eating like kings. Kings! I tell you. They particularly liked the chicken enchiladas – so does The Gentleman, but he didn’t make it through the whole pan. I’ve been doing this cleanse, and it’s definitely creating a mountain in the fridge. It’s been fun to try new things or to take favorite recipes and see if they can be tweaked to accommodate these little confines. But you just can’t mess with the best enchiladas found at this address. I should’ve halved the recipe – so the chickens lucked out.

One thing this cleanse has helped with is my meal planning – it has forced me to start figuring this out. A meltdown is just moments away if pertinent food is not available when needed. It can get pretty intense pretty quick around here.

So for this week’s food adventure: gonna try some greek baked chicken. And poach some chicken breasts for salad. (Did you guess I can eat chicken?) Gonna use some lovely things I found in the fridge (bacon!!!) to make a quiche for The Gentleman. Right now the house is smelling of a wonderful chicken stew with butternut squash and quinoa. I had to tweak this a smidge because The Gentleman is not a fan of the oregano – so I added cumin and coriander instead. It’s amazing and lovely and hearty. Highly recommend.

Here on the Columbia, the rain is falling, the breeze is tickling the trees, the clouds are flat. It is grey and drab. On the opposite side of the country, are dear friends that are facing a slightly different weather outlook. My hopes and prayers are with them. Be safe everyone and take care of each other.

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