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Stand back fall: Woman craving orange food

Last week doesn’t count for diddly… sick on the couch for three days… election coverage in a haze… life is tired sometimes.

The Gentleman commutes a long way everyday. It’s a bit crazy for me now trying not to worry with the dark and the deer and the temperatures getting lower and lower. We’ve been having lots of long talks here lately – good talks, sad talks, sweet talks, scary talks. There’s something that happens in the fall, in the darkness that leads into the solstice.

There’s a remembrance here in this changing light.

Historically in my life this time of year was a time of endings – seasons ending, shutting down, packing up, saying goodbye. Even in the sunlight and warmth of the gulf, lots of endings.

There is food associated with this time. Lots of rich foods, traditions and shared plates. Thanksgiving is around the corner. First holidays with the The Gentleman. Talk of lights and trees and gifts. Traditions and family. Newness coming forth in the darkness of the world.

Food – taking care of our loved ones. Cooking for those we love. Sharing warmth and spices and laughter and tears. The joy of dishing up. The closure of cleaning up. The words shared. It is a special gift we give and partake in together.

And right now, in this changing light, all I want is orange food. The sweet warmth of scalloped potatoes with yams. The joy of a sweet little cheesecake mousse. The heartiness of pumpkin polenta with extra parmesan and sausage and caramelized onions. And I’m gonna have to try the pumpkin bourbon milkshake. Soon.

Something about orange food. It’s like fall is an ending, tucking things together, tying them up and hanging them in the attic or the store cupboard. Promises stored up and taken down and made up new. Gifts given. Great gifts. Little promises. A hope and a future.

Eggnog and whipped cream. Biscuits and gravy. Orange plates, green napkins.

And yes, the pumpkin roll from my local bakery – beyond amazing.

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