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Today – after and before

Been an interesting week here. Spent last Saturday evening with our greyhound buddies – lots of sweet dogs, food and great company. Ended because of a huge thunderstorm and one terrified Savannah. (A thundershirt has been ordered for her). Sunday The Gentleman’s folks met my Grandparents. Lovely time. Monday brought a weird twelve hour day that coincided with a good storm. We lost power for the day but thankfully The Gentleman was here, took care of everything, did all the prep work – all I had to do was set the candles up in the house so we could see. One of our area restaurants had power, so we kidnapped Grandma and Grandpa for a warm dinner; once The Gentleman got back from a dog walk, the power came back on. Thankful. For so many things.

First Thanksgiving with The Gentleman. We split up the holiday so yesterday was at his folks’ and tomorrow is at my Grandparents’. (I made scallop potatoes – make these. Not even kidding how good they are – just recommend adding in 6 slices of pepper bacon – come on – it’s the holidays). Lovely dinner with lovely people.

Today there was supposed to be a parade, but rain and winds can change plans. So now, I’m planning on pumpkin pie for breakfast. It’s a veggie, right? And tonight I’ll make my green bean casserole and try out a new sweet potato recipe. Pretty much an excuse to buy a bag of mini marshmallows. I think Joy the Baker’s hot cocoa recipe (from her lovely cookbook) will probably happen tonight… The Gentleman’s teenage daughter is here so that’s got to be reason enough for the best hot cocoa ever. And we need a break from pumpkin pie. And I have enough whipped cream to top a lot of cocoa – oh, yeah and there’s mini marshmallows too. It’s decided then. (I know, that was a crazy roller coaster. I obviously need more coffee and pie. Sorta, just kidding.)

One thing I will say – I’m disappointed in the black Friday sale stuff. I think I get a bit crazy with the holidays, but not like this. Please remember to shop local and find a local charity to support. When stuff hits the fan, these are the places and people you have to turn to. That and your family and friends.

We are so blessed.

Our greyhound buddy, Sailor, modeling a snood for my Etsy shop. Obviously, there were treats involved.

The US Coast Guard was giving tours at a local mall parking lot. Amazing to think what these folks were doing 36 hours later. We are fortunate in Astoria to them here and across the river.

This picture was taken and posted on Facebook by the Maritime Museum – the Columbia River during Monday’s storm.

We’ve gotten the ladies set up with lights for winter – a little experiment is on – one side had LED Christmas lights and the other has a 40 watt bulb.

Bull elk on the way to Thanksgiving dinner.

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3 thoughts on “Today – after and before

  1. Mary Sward on said:

    I SO enjoy your posts! Even though my job on the Columbia did not work out, the river itself, and that land, was fascinating. I had such admiration for the people who work on it! The Coast Guard, the bar pilots, and the navigation folks I met on my boat were such talented people! That river is huge and powerful in a different way from the Mississippi–although all water deserves much respect.

    And Sailor looks great in the snood!

    • sweetgreyhappenings on said:

      Thank you, Mary! We are very lucky to have seen so much of this country’s waterways – and they are wonderful and powerful and amazing. We have been so fortunate to have seen it and lived it! … especially from the Delta Queen …

  2. The Gentleman is a lucky man indeed!

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