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So, boyfriends and weight loss

So in my little tiny life here, I’ve heard it said many times that women lose weight in order to catch a man and that as soon as they get one, they put the weight (some or all) back on. And I wanted to call bull on that theory but alas, it’s kinda proven to be true here in my current journey.

The sum up: lost a lot of weight (20%), got boyfriend, put 3% of that back on, beat myself up a bunch, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Summed up.

So far, I’m a cliche.

So here’s what I think: I got a boyfriend – and this new situation took a lot energy and planning and working through things. A lot. But all that energy came for some where else – the time, energy, planning, working through things that are a necessary part of successful weight loss. I don’t think women are predisposed to this cycle of weight loss – get thinner, get man, get fat again – I think women are amazingly good at taking care of people – we just have limits and scopes.

So, great. Here I am. I’m in a great relationship with an amazing man heading into our first Christmas. My clothes quite frankly are a bit snug and I was getting winded walking up the hill with the dogs. And I’m craving sugar like a mad woman – which is bad during the holidays. And I’ve not been feeling so beautiful or energetic. Real talk. And the scale – ugh. Ugh, is how I’m feeling.

So here it is. Time to trust myself, trust my man, trust our relationship. Time to trust my body and remember that I am the one who had the power and energy to get to this point. Little changes over time got me to this point.

So it’s time to dust off the workout gear, get the water bottles out, admit I need some help and support on this and get back in there. Time to quit spinning my wheels and start getting to spin class (first time! – thank you – spinning – for not being able sit comfortably – but for reminding me just how good being active feels). Time to let go of the reasons and excuses and just let myself be successful.

And to help me along the way with this: I’m going to start a little series of “back to basics” (but I’m not going to call it that, ’cause that is too cliche) on the little things that add up in weight loss department. These are life changes – not resolutions – so even as we gear up for a new year, I encourage us all to love ourselves and make little changes that add up.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! May it be filled with laughter, good coffee, and pretty sparkly lights!

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2 thoughts on “So, boyfriends and weight loss

  1. For that very reason I call it “happy fat” šŸ™‚ I’m clearly VERY happy right now.

    • sweetgreyhappenings on said:

      I’m totally using that! The Gentleman tried to tell me this didn’t exist (because he’d never heard of it)… I wish that was true! Ha! I’m so glad everything’s going well for you and yours!

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