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Making space, filling space, making …

I am not a resolution person. I did find this lovely list on Pinterest (and was unable to track down a source), and it resonated with me as a starting place for 2014.

The Gentleman and I made a list for things we wanted to do around the house – which turns 100 this year. We also made a list of goals – the top two were getting new jobs and meal planning. I also really want to go through each room of the house and make space, let go of things that no longer have purpose or their value have shifted, reorganize, make things beautiful again.

The last six months have been some of the most challenging, with some of the most beautiful events, of my life. This has left me with a renewed sense of purpose and parameters, of values, of a steady, quiet hope – a reminder of the strength that I have to make choices on how I want to live. I want to make beautiful things and live in a beautiful, meaningful way.

Since I’m still very limited on what I can do physically, but I really want to make more space in my life for what I love and value, this week I started going through my Instagram and “unfollowing” people. I love my little IG community. I call them my friends (my husband has even come to accept this term). There are so many that I have drawn a lot of support from during the past two years – and what I realized was that I have not been able to give those IG friends the time I wanted because of all the other IG feeds I was following.

There was a point in the “blogging thing” where I wanted to have more followers, where somehow the validation of what was going on here – on this little sweet grey happenings space – was a numbers game. I read how to do it. I started trying to do it. I joined Twitter! I followed people – lots of people. And then my life got challenging. And I felt like I needed to apologize all the time for not filling this space with beautiful pictures and sage words. I floundered with what this space should be: food blog, travel, exercise, greyhounds, crafts, DIY?

I want to thank you all for sticking with me as I’ve traveled through these challenging, dark times. You are all extremely special people to me. Thank you. I feel a strong commitment to make this space what it is: a reflection of my life along this amazing Columbia River – a collection of stories, images, experiences, projects eeked out along the shoreline. Thank you for allowing me to share these adventures with you – including the river, the ocean, the greyhounds, the hens, some cooking, baking, crafting and gardening projects. We will cover some ground, and it may or may not make “sense” all the time, but it will be true to this experience and what I find beautiful and lovely even if sometimes it is a grey mess.

Love you guys! Have a beautiful week! We’ve almost finished the first month of this here two-thousand-and-fourteen!


On a slightly different note:

The Gentleman and I have been meal planning this month – he started a new job and we are on different shifts, so lunch time is the forty minutes of conscious time we have together. It’s been a lovely time – where eating good food together seems paramount. I also believe our food waste has gone down and what the hens are getting is just really amazing good scraps.

This weekend we went to the beach, and I took pictures the way I used to take pictures – for love, with an appetite for light and form – not just to capture. I’ll share them soon. Reflecting on that process helped focus this post, regrasp the vision of this space.

I had a job interview Thursday where they asked: if you could do anything, without limit, what would it be? I answered, “I would sell herbs and flowers and eggs in a little stand and have a yarn store where I didn’t have to make money but could just play with yarn, help people and make hats for homeless shelters.” I realized, in a way, I am doing these things. What a beautiful gift to realize what I would do without measure is within the scope of my current life experience.

I was offered the position and start in two weeks on a new adventure. Truly blessed.

And to my lovey IG peeps: thank you for sharing your images and your lives and your words of support with me. Big hugs!

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2 thoughts on “Making space, filling space, making …

  1. What a beautiful post! I really consider IG and the people I’ve met through it a blessing. Best of luck in your new job!

  2. Jannette on said:

    I totally agree with you about the IG community (and trying not to play the numbers game, I discovered that I am quite the hoarder, but to have a more meaningful experience on IG and twitter is to have quality people involved with you in the social media universe). Congrats on the new job!

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