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Second Hen Laying!

Our eight Ladies have been doing some fake-out egg laying celebrations. For those of you that don’t know, when a hen lays an egg, she and all the other gals have a “song” that they sing to celebrate. I’ve even seen other birds (jays or crows) who are in the backyard when the an egg is laid, join in the song too. It’s pretty cool, honestly. Except when you’re waiting for 7 of your chickens to lay their first egg and you hear the celebration song four or five times a day. I get it, they’re practicing, but man, I’ve thrown shoes on and raced downstairs to see so many times recently! Faked out.

The other thing they’ve been doing is the submissive squat. My first two batches of hens never, ever did this. Ever. Not so with this group, they are submissive squatting all the time but no new egg layers.

The Gentleman told me he thought one of them was in the nest box in a serious egg-laying way. And he was right! I snuck down to see which one it was and the went back upstairs to wait for the celebration song. Woot!

So, here is our first egg from our second layer — in the nest box! It was Daphne, our New Hampshire Rock, and she laid the prettiest light colored egg. It really looks violet color. I think it’s the bloom, because when I rinsed it, it was a gorgeous light beige. It is a perfectly small first egg, especially compared now that Ruby’s eggs are almost to a true large and the most gorgeous coffee color. comparison

Daphne is the red hen on the left, Ruby the one of the right. Ullah is our gorgeous Columbian Wyandotte — she’s the white and black one in the front. ullah, daphne, ruby

I am still in love the magic of chickens — you feed them your scraps, their feed and whatever garden waste you have, and they turn it into protein. Magic. Little gifts of wonder.

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