River + Fir

Five days in black and white

There’s been the amazing black and white challenge on Instagram lately and last week it got tagged. It was really fun, a really lovely way to look at lines and shadow and motion and the things in my life in a different way.

There was waiting. lines

There was Savannah making eye contact during a pet — a rather unusual occurrence for our girlie. Savannah

There was Gilbert all curled up for bed on a very cold night. curled

There was the trip to Portland State University with The-Seventeen-Year-Old and her bestie — I spent a lot of time in this library during my tenure. library

There was the making of a little vat of lip balm – because my lips have been dying during this cold dry weather and chapstick has not been making a dent. balm

Part of the challenge was to nominate someone else each day to participate in the challenge. The photos have been gorgeous!

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