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Holiday Flashback

This was one of the most peaceful holidays of my memory. Some things do get better with age, with knowing what’s of value to yourself and those around you, to valuing traditions. This year we did not have a tree, had a very limited number of decorations up and no lights. But we went to our animal shelter holiday fundraiser with Grandma and got Savannah and Gilbert’s picture taken with Santa (year 5). We did our mad dash to find canned food to give to our fire department’s annual food drive (where a large parade of volunteers and engines and Santa and lights and music snake their way through the entire city of Astoria on some — what always feels like a completely random — night in the beginning of December). We had our stockings that we made the first year The Gentleman and I were together. We made little gifts for each other.

We delivered eggs and rosemary salt (and cookies) to our neighbors. IMG_8921

I got a magical scrapper paddle for my kitchenaid — I am always complaining about having to scrap when I’m using it. So excited to use that! IMG_8915

My Grandfather gave my his sifter. I cannot imagine the numbers of batches of cookies, pancakes, cakes, pie crusts and dumplings have passed through its mesh screen. IMG_8923

I made The Gentleman a bag to hold poo bags — a constant commodity in our household that never seems to have a good location to be stored in. I embroidered Our dogs’ names, racing names and tattoos. It’s been an amazingly helpful addition to our home. IMG_8885

Lewis got a little hand made cat nip toy. And he found the pets’ stockings before Christmas. No hiding Santa from him! IMG_8920

The dogs got new bones. Gilbert is positive he only sees one bone. IMG_8929

And we made cookies. Lots of lovely cookies. The-Seventeen-Year-Old is an amazing decorator (you’ll be able to see which ones are her masterpieces versus my-let’s-get-er-done-cookies) and this is one of my favorite traditions of the holidays. Even though we’ve only been baking cookies together for a few years, I’ve been delivering baked goodies to friends and their families for about twenty years now. It always bring me such joy. This year we tried a new recipe — melting kisses on pretzels topped with M&Ms — so good! And we made our famous candy cane popcorn with a twist this year (pretzels and oreo crumbles!). IMG_8931 IMG_8933  IMG_8937 IMG_8934 IMG_8938 IMG_8939

Thanks for sharing my little holiday flashback — a sweet little month of family and creating and giving. Hope the new year is finding us all in a quiet way, at peace, rejuvenated, listening and acting. What a gift it is. Cheers!

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