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Introducing Owen

We brought Owen home last Saturday — a bright, sunny, warm March day. We drove down the coast to pick him up. There were tears from his old owner when she left him. IMG_0002

We are Owen’s third home. His first family gave him up so they could adopt the infant sister of their adopted son — to do so they were required to not have any dogs. His second home was with a woman active in a greyhound adoption group who’s had greys for almost thirty years — Owen is the first dog she’s ever ‘returned’. She had local family members that raise chihuahuas, and she had adopted a small disabled chihuahua puppy.  Owen was scared of them — he just wouldn’t ever settle down. She had hoped he would get used to them but the fear never abated, and when we put in our application to adopt from their group, she thought we would be a good home for her boy. I cannot imagine the heart break, after having so recently lost Gilbert, to give away your dog even when you know it will be the right thing.

To be entrusted with Owen is really a great gift. IMG_0047

Owen raced in Florida. He was not a great racer. He is a big (almost ninety pounds!), steady, sweet boy who loves cats and people. He does not like log trucks. He does like to meet people and kids and other dogs. He does a funny thing after he eats where he wipes his face on his bed. He is learning to be a great walker on the leash. He’s six, almost exactly two years younger than Savannah. I think he is going to be a silly boy once he gets comfortable and settled in. IMG_0005

Lewis was a little concerned when we first came through the door, but he quickly established who runs this show. Savannah was having a really hard time without Gilbert — we knew she would not be a good solo pup — and Owen’s arrival was like a light switch flipping. Voila. She was her old self again. IMG_0075IMG_0048 IMG_0044

I think too, for The Gentleman and I, Owen is a bit like a balm. Our sweet Gilbert left such a mark on our hearts and lives, and the timing of Owen arriving and his journey until now — I cannot help but feel Gilbert left us so Owen could have a new home. Gilbert always gave such amazing gifts. Someday I’ll write a memorial to Gilbert, but that day is not today.

We’re really looking forward to seeing how Owen settles into our household and routines. He’s already learned that Saturdays mean (after a dog walk and breakfast) that you get to go back to bed and sleep in with The Gentleman while I type away in the living room.

He’s met Grandma and Grandpa and gone for walks with our friends and greyhound buddies along the river. For those of you who live close enough, we look forward to you getting to meet him! Until then, we’ll keep sharing more about him. IMG_0100 IMG_0082 IMG_0118

Have a beautiful Saturday! Hug your critters! Our time with them is far too short.IMG_0127

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Owen

  1. sherry calahan on said:

    A beautiful story Jonena. I am so happy that your family is complete again. I love him already and can’t wait to meet him. The picture above with Owen and grandma really illustrates how big he is. He makes her look so small. 😀

  2. I can’t wait to meet Owen! I’ll be coming to Vancouver to start the season 3/31. Will let you know when I will be in Astoria.

  3. Aw, I love that his arrival is helping Savannah, and you as well. He looks so sweet. Hugs!

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