River + Fir


I’ve never been a new year, new you, resolution, type of person. January 1 has never felt like the marker of any season in my life, and the years that I’ve tried to cookie-cutter myself into what the media was telling me to do were never fruitful.

This calendar year, this 2018 beginning, has been feeling like the winding down of one season and the gearing up of another. Not a hard page turn, but the gradual travel on a path that is changing terrain. Not that it’s occurring today, but that it’s been percolating for a time.

I love almost everything about my life, but I feel that I need to do some fine tuning. I want to work to bring to the forefront that which I love and that which brings me joy, and then find ways to incorporate those things consistently into my life and work to create spaces that nourish those things.

What brings me joy: loving, living, learning, creating.

  • Love: my relationships.
  • Live: being active, being outside, laughing.
  • Learn and create: fiber, cooking, gardening, sharing (writing, social media), bees and chickens.


  • Food — cook whole food regularly, eat at the table, keep kitchen clean, find ways to use leftovers/reduce waste, incorporate Instant Pot
  • Finish fiber area in upstairs room
  • #spin15aday2018challenge — spin 15 minutes a day
  • Exercise because it makes me feel good, mix it up, get outside
  • Create yoga and meditation space
  • Reduce, reduce, reduce
  • Make and publish knitting patterns, make sweaters for self and The Gentleman, coziest memories blanket
  • Consume less — make clothes, recycle, dryer balls, cloth napkins, face ‘clothes’
  • Garden — herb garden, start seeds, replant rhubarb, pick some crops that we can add to our regular meals
  • Expand apiary and honey harvest
  • Write here with some form of regularity
  • Regular outings with friends, hold seasonal knit night, regular date nights with the Gentleman

I’m putting my thoughts here as a place holder. Now off to make biscuits and gravy and eat the first bean soup from the instant pot. To be followed by cleaning the kitchen and clearing off the table, and then going through all my clothes and toiletries. It seems like a good place to start.

I wish everyone a lovely winter, a quiet and peace filled January. Cheers.

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