River + Fir

To Sum Up

Lover of life, food, gardens, friends …

Blessed to share my life with greyhounds, have it run by crazy cats, collect eggs from speckled hens, boxes of bees in the garden, and to live with my love along the river.

Come walk a moment in this sweet grey. It is happening, and it’s beautiful.


14 thoughts on “To Sum Up

  1. Travis Riley on said:

    You did it!!!!

  2. will there be snacks?

  3. Mary on said:

    So excited for you! Love all the things in your life–keep it up, woman!!

  4. need more pictures of your pups!

  5. Impressed, lady! I just started blogging, and …. OMG! So much to learn. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  6. LOVE the feel of your blog…make me happy 😉

    km (foggy daydreams)

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