River + Fir

A little morning of projects, Easter style

Just a normal Wednesday before Easter.

Gilbert ate some new, lovely green grass. Savannah ran underneath the neighbor’s laurel hedge (she likes to have her back scratched) and got distracted by a passing car. When we got home, Gilbert laid on the kitchen rug and waited for breakfast.


Then I cleaned the kitchen. I love my kitchen. Then I made Easter baskets. It’s my first time making them as an adult and to be making one for a fifteen year old girl, The Gentleman and my Grandparents was very special.


Then I changed out my pictures on the picture walls. Springtime, no longer winter. I took down my picture of the Delta Queen officers – it’s hung on my wall since I left the boat. This spring it came down. There are seasons in our lives.


Yesterday we made caramel corn – it wasn’t bad for my first go. It was sticky but it was good.


And when it was time for me to take a nap, there was Gilbert, sweet as could be, and my freshly painted toes.


Have a beautiful weekend!

Tomorrow, I’m off to dig clams!

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