River + Fir

Hens & Eggs

Urban Chicken Ranching at it’s … well, it is interesting … well, no, it’s not interesting, but I love it and the Ladies and their completely crazy ways. They are like little dinosaurs! And so industrious. They just make sense to me.

They make me smile.

It’s been a journey. Chicks, building a coop (who’s been through permitting issues with their municipality because of a coop?!), bringing them home, routines, eggs, molting, winter, spring, lights, scraps, remodeling the coop twice, lots of eggs, lots of water, lots of bags of feed. We’re on our third batch of hens. We’ve learned a lot, and we love the magic of scraps being turned into protein.

Cheers to the lovely ladies that keep us and Grandma and Grandpa in eggs.

Chicken Ranching. Who knew?

A daily miracle and lesson in gratitude.

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