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Box keeping

We now are the proud owners of a bee box and have been graced with a swarm to live in it. I believe we will learn a lot, a l o t, from this latest ‘farming’ adventure. We were told that until we have successfully over-wintered a hive, we are box-keepers. Until then, please think good thoughts that The Ladies will like their new home and not want to leave it and that there is a happy, laying Queen. 


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3 thoughts on “Box keeping

  1. Mary on said:

    Good luck with this important endeavor. It’s why I am planting flowers to attract the bees, and using NO pesticides. Any more advice for me?

    • Well, I should preface this with I know very, very little. But from what I’ve read, all of this things are really important for all pollinators – and if you’re able to plant flowers that bloom throughout the growing season so bees have a longer opportunity to build up stores, that seems to be helpful too.

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