River + Fir

Recap, cleanse style

So, I did this cleanse last month.

Three weeks. No sugar (of any kind). No processed grains. Very limited carbs. No dairy.

And after three or four days (of pretty much wanting to kill someone), I started feeling amazing. My energy was up, my spirits were high. (My menus were a bit limited). Overall, a very positive experience. Limited activity, but food was spot on.

And then I got sick – down on the couch for three days, not moving, foggy brain, hit wall syndrome and all. And I slammed back into the high carb and highly processed foodville. For about a week, I craved sugar so badly, it was insane. I would have hurt someone for sugar – like a spoonful of sugar. It was bizarro.

So, the Thanksgiving holiday has passed. I have eaten a ridiculous amount of pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Tonight I really want to have hot cocoa with kahlua and irish cream. And I’m probably going to have that. But today, I also really wanted to go on a run. For the first time in months, I was ready to go and make that happen. (It didn’t happen, but that’s neither here nor there for this discussion). It’s funny how the body and mind have to come together, and how once that happens, it lifts a huge weight, allows things to realign, and momentum gains.

And here I am. After three weeks of eating whatever I wanted after spending three weeks of not eating whatever I wanted, I’ve found dairy does not impact my energy levels but bread – wowsers – not the best thing for me.

There are times when I feel so old, and other times when I’m amazed it’s taken me so long to figure things out. And then there are the other times when I feel so naive. Such as it is.

I need to go back to regular yoga.




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